Jobs for Skilled Bharat Workforce as AMD Announces to Set Up a $400 Million Chip Design Facility in Bengaluru

Jobs for Skilled Bharat Workforce as AMD Announces to Set Up a $400 Million Chip Design Facility in Bengaluru

In a major development that will bring jobs for the skilled Bharat Workforce, the US-based chip maker Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has announced its grand plans to pump $400 million into India within the next five years. The announcement was made during Semicon India 2023, a grand semiconductor industry event, held in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. As part of the investment plan, the company will set up a chip design centre in Bengaluru, the IT capital of India. It will arguably be the largest chip design centre in Bengaluru. Imagine the job opportunity this facility spread over a 5 lakh square feet area would create for skilled ITI professionals.

AMD Already Has 6500+ Workforce in India

Yes, the chip design leader has that many people working in India with different job profiles. With the proposed investment, the employee count is likely to increase significantly, boosting the overall job market sentiment and taking India’s economy to great heights.

The Likely Jobs for Skilled ITI Professionals from This Mega Announcement

Electronics Fitter  

Fitting, assembling, repairing and maintaining electronic devices.

Electronics Mechanic

Repairing electronic equipment such as transmitters, telemetering control systems, industrial controls, etc.

Radio Technician

Tightening loose nuts & screws, replacing defective items with better ones, spotting faults, and making regular changes.

Optical Fibre Technician

Maintaining quality of optical media and equipment, extending help in installing and commissioning optical fibre cable as per the route plan.

Solar Panel Installation Technician

Checking the installing site, understanding the layout as per the design, installing the solar panel as per customers’ requirements, etc.

And Jobs Alike

Note - We’ve mentioned the JD for these job profiles in brief. There can be some other responsibilities in addition to the same.

AMD’s Investment Plans Add to the Already Positive Market Sentiment Building in India’s Semiconductor Space

Just a week ago, Micron, the US-based semiconductor giant, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Gujarat Government to set up a manufacturing facility for INR 22,000 crore at Sanand near Ahmedabad.

But What’s Propelling India Ahead in the Semiconductor Space?

A host of factors have boosted India’s semiconductor space and the morale of those eyeing jobs in this industry. The biggest draw has been the government’s drive to lift this industry by introducing production-linked incentives worth for semiconductor manufacturers. Besides stimulus push from the government, the growing technology advancements, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G systems, artificial intelligence, smart devices and robotic process automation are also lifting the overall semiconductor market.

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