JobsYahan - A Job Platform Where Recruiters Can Hire a Credible Workforce

JobsYahan - A Job Platform Where Recruiters Can Hire a Credible Workforce

Recruiters wanting to hire skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers in a short period of time can rejoice with JobsYahan. It comes with an easy-to-trace candidate feature for recruiters. With such a feature, you can get a list of Bharat Workforce and select the one who suits the job requirements. So, if you were taking around a month or two to hire such a workforce before, with JobsYahan, you can freeze hiring much quicker.

But Why is Hiring Workers a Challenge for Recruiters?

The answer lies below.

The lack of resumes for workers such as delivery executives, beauticians, drivers, loaders and carpenters presents a stiff challenge for recruiters. Although the government has a database of 29.07 crore unorganised workers, there are 14 crore more such workers yet to be recorded in a database. These may be working somewhere or doing farm work in villages. But their exact whereabouts are missing!

How Does JobsYahan Help Recruiters?

JobsYahan comes as an easy-to-use, intuitive web and mobile-based job platform. We help recruiters find the workforce across the country, using our vernacular and location-based job search process. The intelligent AI tools and technologies employed by us further help recruiters fill vacancies for drivers, loaders, technicians, field executives and related job profiles. JobsYahan already has a list of candidates with varied skills and experience. It recommends the best candidates from their large pool of resumes. Visiting JobsYahan to find a credible Bharat Workforce is recommended for organisations to save valuable time and resources.

Why are These Workers Important for Recruiters?

These workers mostly work in the field far away from the comfort of the office. So, they know the exact ground situation. Organisations, based on their feedback, can prepare effective strategies for customer acquisition and retention.

Organisational Success Depends on Quality Hiring & Retention Strategies

Organisations can rely on JobsYahan’s powerful technologies to meet their workforce requirements. But they need to play their part too by retaining talent. As we know employees play an important role in an organisation's success. And if they are not given attention, they can be demotivated easily. So, it is necessary for organisations to encourage their employees by organising fun activities, increasing wages over time and providing a friendly office culture. If organisations go with these approaches, it will definitely make employees work hard to improve organisational efficiency.

Employees Want to Learn, But Organisations Need to Step Up Too!

According to PwC, a multinational professional services network of several firms, about half of employees are concerned about the lack of opportunity to learn potential skills to grow professionally. They also say that their colleagues are not so supportive to help them learn technological skills that are necessary for long-term survival. Furthermore, organisations too don't take any step to augment the relevant skills of employees by organising skills, developing programs, and giving training. This instils fear in employees' minds that they will become irrelevant soon. And automation will take away their jobs. Therefore, organisations need to support their employees by giving such training which builds confidence in them. This eradicates the fear of joblessness.

Must Address Mental and Physical Health Issues

Mental and physical health issues of employees are crucial for organisations. Sometimes both employees and organisations show negligence on this very issue. Increased work pressure deteriorates the health of employees. This leads to disengagement from work, irregularities in performance and ultimately missed targets. So, organisations must pay attention to their employees' health issues. And this can be addressed by setting up the camp of medical experts, organising activities that instil a sense of belonging in them. These help employees perform better.

Summing Up

As an organisation, you don’t need to go any further than JobsYahan - Bharat ka Job App - to hire a credible workforce. But failing to retain them for a long time can undo all your efforts. It pays to listen to their queries, check their morale and health, and work on their overall welfare. They are your assets. Treat them with respect and recognise their hard work.