The Story of Delivery Partners Revolves Around Pick and Drop

The Story of Delivery Partners Revolves Around Pick and Drop

Delivery partners’ day starts with a garama garam chai in the morning and ends with a tired body but not a tired spirit. They wake up the next morning and start delivering again. They pick the stuff from shops, restaurants, stores and other business outlets and deliver the same to their customers. Absolutely incredible these people are! Not everyone can manage that Din Bhar Ka Sangarsh.

So, if you want to be a delivery partner, enjoy this Sangarsh with a smile.

The Routine Delivery Partners Must Follow

The job description of delivery partners may differ from one company to another. However, a lot remains the same. Here’s a checklist you need to follow as a delivery partner.

  • First, check the list of deliveries you have to do each day.
  • Check the delivery location and time.
  • Pick the shortest route for deliveries.
  • Follow the map while you are out on delivery. The navigation shown there will help you deliver on time.
  • Safely load the package ordered by the customers.
  • Deliver the package safely to the customers.
  • Make sure you get the payment from customers after the delivery.
  • Answer customers’ questions properly.
  • Get the signature of customers on paper or have it digitally (the signature process depends on the company’s rules and regulations).
  • In case you meet with a road accident or violate traffic rules, please inform the company ASAP.

What Do You Need for a Delivery Partner Job?

You need the following when applying for a delivery partner job-

  • Educational Certificates (Desired, Not Necessary)
  • Valid Driving Licence
  • Spotless Driving Record
  • Aware of Road Safety Rules and Various Locations & Routes
  • Ability to Execute Deliveries on Time

How Will You Get to Know the Deliveries to Do in a Day?

You can check directly with the company for the same. Some companies offer you an app by which you can check the date, time and location of delivery.

The Money You Will Get

You get money for delivery from your company, besides fuel expenses at a specified rate. Check with the company for the exact rate. Some companies may even offer you insurance. Besides, you can get the Top Performer of the Month Award and various other certifications.

Communicating with Customers is Vital

We know you are good at managing delivery schedules. But sometimes due to dhakka mukki (heavy traffic) on the road, you may arrive late at the customer’s place. So, in that case, inform the customers that you will arrive late due to traffic. He/she will likely agree. The problem occurs when you don’t inform customers of late delivery in advance.

Keeping customers updated takes you in their good books. Often customers are asked to give feedback on delivery services. So, if you deliver well, you will get a good rating from them. This could lead to job promotion.

Contribution of Delivery Partners to Bharat

Logistics sector is estimated to contribute around 14% to India’s gross domestic product (GDP). And its contribution is likely to only go up in the future. A huge round of applause to delivery partners who play a vital role in shaping the growth of logistics, a critical component of India’s economy. They do last-mile delivery, considered the most critical part of logistics management.

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